OptiMap is free route optimization software that is still in development. It can optimize up to 100 stops.

Once a manifest has been generated or sent to the Drivers List it will display an “Optimize” button.
Click on the optimize button.
Select the list of addresses under the "Copy to RouteXL or OptiMap“ heading.
Open OptiMap by clicking on the OptiMap link.
Click “Bulk Add Addresses” and paste in the list you copied from Springboard and click “Add List of Locations.”
If you want to add a starting address, enter it in the field that has the “Type address here” placeholder text and then click “Find!”
Once the map is populated with red pins (let the “pin drop” complete before continuing with any of the next steps) find the address you would like to make the starting address and click on it. A label will be invoked. Choose the “Choose as Starting Location” link.
The number on the pin will change to a “1.”
Click the “Calculate!” button.
Choose the method you want to order the route by (Calculate Fastest Roundtrip” or “Calculate Fastest A-Z Trip”).
Once the route has finished calculating click the “Export” button.
Click the “Optimal address order” option and then copy the list that is displayed.
Return to Springboard and paste this list into “Optimize Route” text box and click “Optimize Route from List” and Springboard will reorder the route according to the OptiMap order.
Note: once a route has been calculated in OptiMap you can still reorder it by clicking on the “Edit” button and dragging the stops into the correct order. The map will automatically recalculate the route however the starting and ending points cannot be changed.