Please follow the following instructions:

For a PC or Android phone:

Set up your account as an IMAP account.

Incoming Mail Server:

Incoming Mail Server Port: 993

Requires SSL (Yes)

Outgoing Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server Port: 465

Requires SSL (Yes)

For a Mac or iPhone:

Note: When prompted to enter your user name make sure to enter your complete email address.

  • Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Tap “Add Account”.
  • Choose “Other” as the account type.
  • Tap “Add Mail Account”.
  • Enter your name, email (all lowercase), password and a Description (we recommend using your email address for the Description).
  • The account type will default to “IMAP”. We recommend setting up the account as an IMAP account as this will allow for syncing of accounts across devices.
  • Enter the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server settings (Host Name:
  • The fields for the “Outgoing Mail Server” settings are marked as “Optional” but you will want to populate them with the Outgoing Mail Server settings including the account password.
  • The phone will go into “Verifying” mode.
  • Verifying make take up to 30 seconds.
  • When your account has verified the following screen will be titled “IMAP” and the Mail and Notes icons will be showing. Mail will be turned on.
  • Tap “Save” and the account will be created and you will be returned to the list of mail accounts.